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Though eczema usually starts during childhood, you can develop the red, itchy rash at any time. It’s not uncommon for people with eczema to also suffer from other health conditions like hay fever, asthma, or allergies. Sarah Coates, MD, and Richard Burroughs, MD, at Pleasanton Allergy and Dermatology in Pleasanton, California, specialize in allergies, immunology, and dermatology and can diagnose and treat your eczema. Call the office or book an appointment online today.

Q & A

What is eczema?

Eczema, also called atopic dermatitis, is a chronic allergic skin condition that causes a red, itchy rash. It’s a common skin condition that usually starts during childhood before age 5.

About half of those with eczema also suffer from health issues like hay fever, asthma, and allergies. You may be at greater risk of developing eczema if it runs in your family.

What are eczema symptoms?

Eczema symptoms vary in type and severity. Though eczema is a chronic condition, you may experience periodic flare-ups and then years of remission. 

Common eczema symptoms include:

  • Dry skin
  • Itchy skin, especially at night
  • Red, raised bumps that may leak fluid
  • Red or brown patches of skin 
  • Scaly skin

The itching caused by eczema may be difficult to control, especially in children, and can lead to red, swollen skin or open sores that increase the risk of infection. 

What can I expect during an eczema evaluation?

Pleasanton Allergy and Dermatology specializes in eczema and you can expect a comprehensive evaluation.

During your exam, your provider reviews your symptoms and medical and family history, and examines your skin. If allergies are suspected, your provider may recommend allergy testing to determine the allergen responsible for your outbreaks.

Knowing the allergen may also help control any other conditions you may have along with your eczema, such as asthma or hay fever. 

How is eczema treated?

Pleasanton Allergy and Dermatology works closely with you to develop a treatment plan to help keep your eczema under control. No single treatment works for all and it may take some trial and error to find the right methods for you.

Your treatment plan may include:

  • Skin creams to minimize itching
  • Oral medications to reduce inflammation
  • Allergy medications to control symptoms
  • Light therapy
  • Wet dressings
  • Biologics (new medication for the treatment of eczema)

If you have allergies, Pleasanton Allergy and Dermatology may suggest allergy shots to help minimize symptoms and eczema flare-ups. 

Finding the right treatment to manage your eczema can be frustrating. For exceptional care from an experienced team, call Pleasanton Allergy and Dermatology or book an appointment online today.