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Inflammation and swelling in your nasal passages may indicate sinusitis, an acute or chronic sinus infection. Farinaz Farrahi, MD, at Pleasanton Allergy and Dermatology in Pleasanton, California, can evaluate your sinuses and provide treatment so you find relief from fever, congestion, and sinus discomfort. If you suspect you have sinusitis, call the office or schedule an appointment online today to learn about your treatment options.

Sinusitis Q & A

What is sinusitis?

Sinusitis is the name for an infection of the sinuses. Your sinuses are cavities within your skull that sit behind your cheekbones, nose, and eyes. These interconnected areas are lined with a soft, pink tissue and are normally empty except for a thin layer of mucus.

When these areas become infected, they may fill with fluid and become inflamed and swollen. Sinusitis may be:

  • Acute, lasting just a few days or weeks
  • Chronic, lasting 12 weeks or longer
  • Recurrent, with infections occurring several times per year

Up to 35 million people in the United States develop sinusitis every year.

Who is likely to develop sinusitis?

While anyone can develop sinusitis following a cold or due to allergies, you’re more at risk if you have:

  • Blocked drainage ducts
  • Structural differences that narrow drainage ducts
  • Immune system deficiencies
  • Nasal polyps

Children may also develop sinusitis if they have allergies, drink from a bottle while lying on their back, are exposed to environmental smoke, or use a pacifier.

When should I suspect I have chronic sinusitis?

Symptoms that last longer than 12 weeks suggest chronic sinusitis that needs medical intervention. These symptoms include:

  • A feeling of congestion or fullness in your face
  • Pus in the nasal cavity
  • A nasal obstruction or blockage
  • Fever
  • Runny nose or discolored postnasal drainage

Sinusitis can make you feel run down and tired. You may have headaches, tooth pain, and even bad breath.

How is sinusitis treated?

At Pleasanton Allergy and Dermatology, conservative treatments for acute sinusitis include warm compresses, antibiotics, and over-the-counter saline nose drops.

In chronic cases, you may require steroids and antibiotics to resolve infection. If your chronic or recurrent case of sinusitis doesn’t respond to these noninvasive measures, you may need more invasive treatments.

Balloon sinuplasty

This nonsurgical treatment involves the insertion of a small, flexible balloon catheter into your nasal passageway. This opens up the cavities so they can drain more freely and reduce the chance of infection.

Sinus surgery

You may need sinus surgery if you have chronically swollen tissue, nasal polyps, or other deformities blocking your sinuses and nasal passages. A surgeon can remove excess bone, polyps, or tissue preventing optimal sinus drainage.

If you have problems with your sinuses, contact Pleasanton Allergy and Dermatology. Call the office to make an appointment or schedule online.